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Rodeo Bull Hire

Are you brave enough to take on our Rodeo Bull? 

Do you think you have what it takes to be the best rootin’ tootin’ cowboy around?  

Then saddle up, Cowboys! YeeHawww!

 If you’re looking for something fun, different and unique for your party then our Rodeo Bull hire is an experience that you and your guests will never forget!

No matter the occasion, you can be confident that your guests will be entertained. 

The rodeo bull has 12 settings, making it easy for beginners, gradually moving up in speeds as they get used to riding. Once all the guests are confident using the bull, that’s when the fun really begins. Our operators are all interactive and will be there to help, guide & encourage your guests to make the most of their experience.

Our rodeo bull is manned at all times by one of our trained operators. We do not offer the bull unmanned.

Specifications: The base is around 16ft, and you need an extra metre clearance all round. 

Delivery: If going in to a back garden, there needs to be a gate which is at least 76cm wide, to fit the motor through. Also, it cannot be taken up and down any steps as the motor is too heavy.

We take pride in providing clean & safe, high quality equipment. All our inflatables are either RPII tested or PIPA tagged and tested annually.

We hold £5 million public liability and are members of the BIHA. All our electrical equipment is also PAT tested.


Minimum hire is 2hrs, which is £250
£100 for every additional hour required